Victoria (Nhi) Phi

Nhi, the Phi family babby, initially thought Kim was a live-in nanny growing up. However, after the truth was finally revealed that they indeed were phi-blings, Nhi quickly became Kim’s mini-me based off of their shared love of soccer, shopping, and eating. Today, Nhi and their mom own a hair salon in Rowlett, Texas. When she’s not at work, Nhi is most likely playing with her dog, Elli, taking pictures of her new car on Instagram, or teasing Quang about his T-Rex hands.


Samantha (Uyen) Phi

Growing up, Uyen and Kim didn’t exactly see eye-to-eye. This is probably due to the fact that Kim was five years older and way taller. Oh how the tables have turned now that Uyen is the tallest of the three! Uyen is the family dog whisperer/endurance event athlete. A recent University of Texas at Dallas graduate, Uyen is contemplating pursuing graduate studies in Criminology. Uyen lives her life just like she takes her coffee, extremely hot but not too sweet.

Mindy Duong

A Dallasite, Mindy is the eldest of the Three Musketeers, the cousin trio of Mindy, Kim, and Mitchell who are each one year apart. A devout Christian and recently converted vegetarian, Mindy spends her time volunteering at church, baking, and shamelessly plugging her vine (@minhdee). Some of Kim’s best memories with Mindy growing up include making kites out of plastic bags, tattling because Mindy wouldn’t play with her, and fighting over Mitchell whenever they would get into arguments. Now older and wiser, both Mindy and Kim have realized Mitchell wasn’t worth fighting over in the first place. GIRLS RULE.

Nicolle Perez

Nicolle has known Amanda for over half their lives, navigating middle school awkwardness, high school IB classes, and symphony orchestra together, but it wasn't until Tulane that the girls bonded as only roommates can by fighting and making up about shoes on the floor, having each others' backs, and getting into all kinds of shenanigans. Tulane is also where Nicolle met Seth: the gauge-eared scruffy soccer player. They kept in touch through cross-country moves, visiting and getting into (notably more subdued) shenanigans together. Nicolle is now a biomedical engineer in the DC area who enjoys science fiction, working out, Netflix, and naps.

Laura Monteiro

A social worker, wife, puppy wrangler, and nacho aficionado, Laura and Amanda were roommates at The University of Texas. Their mutual love of sleeping-in, naps, Buffet Palace and Trudy’s Tex-Mex cemented their relationship and made them forever friends. Awake or asleep, there is no denying that Laura is a MFFL. A woman of few words, Laura has the biggest wardrobe and shoe collection imaginable. But that’s why her closet is so big - it's full of secrets.

Lisa Smith

Lisa, little sister to her brother bear, is the master photographer behind all of Seth and Kim’s engagement photos. Born and raised in St. Charles, Missouri, Lisa is now constantly on the move as an Air Force wife. Strangely enough, Lisa’s husband is also named Seth. When she’s not taking photos or packing up to move, Lisa enjoys hanging out with her pug kids, Lana and Sterling. 

Andra Chantim

Since meeting at a New Year’s Party two years ago, Andra and Amanda have become fast friends. The ultimate bi-coastal jet setter, she juggles her publishing career in NYC while living the glam life by frequently traveling to her home town of LA. Both girls have a shared appreciation for the finer things in life, such as SVU marathons, celebrity gossip, and snacking. Andra is totally in love with anything cute and fluffy that resembles a pomeranian, and will readily pull up her favorite pommy Instagram users upon request. 



To avoid any controversy, let it be known that Smudge is a girl cat, and not a personification of a cat that is a girl. (Throwing shade at you, Hello Kitty!) A traveler who never strays too far from home, Smudge has lived in all the apartments of the building before settling down in unit #2. Smudge mostly spends her time sleeping and meowing, constantly meowing. An aspiring model, Smudge has been quoted that she will not get out of bed for less than salmon pate.