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Bill Cunningham

Bill, or Billiam the Snorer to those closest to him (be thankful you're not close to him), and I go all the way back. As my personal chauffeur of over 18 years, I have had the good fortune of discussing topics ranging from religion and politics to engineering and nature. He posesses a sneeze that can startle the dead back to life and a laugh that will make you question his sanity. When not plotting to take over the mighty city of Wentzville, he enjoys reading Supreme Court opinions, teaching Sunday School, yelling at Nancy Pelosi, and engaging in seven hour long phone conversations. I count him as my best friend, my advisor, and now, my Best Man.

Jeff Cunningham

The earliest memory of my brother involves him dragging me by the feet across our carpeted basement floor. Luckily, the epic backside rug burn that followed wasn't the only type of gift he was willing to give me! Although physically separated for much of our lives, he has shaped who I am more than he'll ever know. Jeff is an eccentric character and the ultimate people person. If you open the dictionary to the word 'enigma', you'll find his pearly whites shining right back at you. I would be lying if I said never a sappy letter was exchanged or late night cry-fest was had. He is always up for a good laugh, a ride on his motorcycle, or showing you pictures of his beautiful daughter. 


Dan Baker

Dan and I met freshman year of high school and quickly became the best of friends. While we have had more late night discussions about girls than I care to admit, neither of us are ashamed to be romantics at heart. His calculus teachers would be suprised that he has exceled as an engineer and that he finds building a house from scratch to be a 'hobby'. Dan is a family man, master builder, Christian leader, and loyal friend. In the truest sense, he is my brother. 



Jim Kelley

Jim is one of my oldest friends. While in grade school, we mastered "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego" and amassed a collection of zoo animal toys that might remain unmatched in the world. After joining separate friend groups in high school, we rekindled our friendship while in college. Although we went to different schools, we began sharing a Denny's breakfast every time we were both home. Our discussions tend to dive right into the important things in life and our friendship has become one of my most cherished. Just please don't ask him if he still plans to be the President one day.  


Jeff Schappe

Jeff was my first and best friend growing up. We were inseparable as next door neighbors and grew up playing sports. To this day, I remain confident that our friendship could weather any storm, save putting us on opposing teams. Many a one-on-one football game was broken up by Mrs. Schappe yelling for me to go home after a fight to the death broke out. After moving away for middle school and most of high school, Jeff returned for our senior year. When we weren't leading our varsity soccer team, you could find us in the back row of Physics II doing anything other than paying attention to class. Jeff is busy being an adult with his wife, house, car, and career. Show off.  


Seth Smith

In case you aren't aware, Seth is an uncommon name, especially in the Midwest. Thus, much was my suprise when I found out that my sister had not only found another one, but was in fact marrying him! Luckily, I now have first-hand proof that men named Seth are a special breed of human. Seth is a picky eater (don't tell him I said that), moose statue rider, and pug enthusiast. He is a pilot in the US Airforce and number one spokesman for shirt stays.

Chris Brines

Chris was my right-hand-man throughout high school and a consummate ladies-man (at least compared to me). What couldn't the chiseled-bodied, nerdy, jazz musician do? We often found ourselves getting into mischief and he might still have a photo of me that will forever keep me out of public life. Just as in 2004 when we got our ears pierced one week apart, ten years later we will marry one week apart. Equally life changing events. Chris is an engineer by day, extreme sport enthusiast by night and easily one of the best men I have ever known. 


Unlike Pinocchio, Walt is most definitely a real boy. A country boy turned city slicker, Walt narrowly avoided death-by-box crushing after Seth took a sharp turn on a hill in Tennessee. This near death experience forever changed Walt, who now lives life to the very fullest. When he’s not too busy being Seth’s muse for his impromptu serenades, Walt can be found contemplating life in our bay window or taking multiple bats to the face, courtesy of his sister Smudge.