Our Story

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The Journey

It began like all great love stories do - for him, during a Tulane freshman calculus class, for her, five years later.

Always the romantic, Seth swears it was love at first sight and knew it was forever as soon as AIM screen names were exchanged. Although AIM could not stand the test of time, fortunately Seth’s persistence did as they were able to maintain their friendship despite Amanda transferring back to Texas and Seth’s travels to India, Equatorial Guinea, and New York City.

Prior to dating, Seth and Amanda remained steady friends and kept in touch via g-chat, e-mail, and Seth’s various efforts to break free of the friendzone. Such overtures included driving to Austin from New Orleans for his junior year Spring Break instead of partying on a beach and listening to Amanda’s dating woes on a regular basis. From an outside perspective, Amanda was being the worst, but luckily for her, Seth’s unwavering determination outlasted her relationship growing pains.   

In 2011, Seth and Amanda agreed to be each other’s dates during the height of wedding season. Six months of nightly phone conversations later, the tables had turned and it was actually Amanda who was now trying to escape the friendzone! Fortunately, Seth who had it all figured out, just wanted to give her a taste of her own medicine and enthusiastically agreed to take their relationship to the next level.

After only four months of dating (and many tearful phone calls, last minute plane tickets purchased, and a depleted savings account) Amanda and Seth agreed to finally live in the same city after over half a decade apart. One epic 23-hour road trip from Texas to NYC later, they’ve been inseparable ever since.

The Proposal

Since it only took five years for Seth and Amanda to start dating, it would only make sense that Seth would make her wait an additional two years before proposing. As The Architect, Seth had it all worked out: a seven year long-con to make Amanda his wife.

For the 2013 Thanksgiving Holiday, Seth and Amanda had planned to spend the holiday with her family in Dallas, and take a quick trip down to Austin while they were in Texas. It was in Austin that Seth was planning to propose.

While on the subway to the airport, Seth’s plans were almost derailed when he realized that he had forgotten the ring in the apartment. Much to Amanda’s and Walt’s dismay, they were instructed to wait on the center platform while Seth took the train back uptown to get his “iPhone charger” that he desperately needed for the four-day weekend. The three of them made it to Dallas unscathed, but not without hard feelings. Amanda was still very much annoyed and slightly concerned over Seth’s iPhone charger fixation. This guy is totally crazy.

Thanksgiving came and went, and then came time for the trip to Austin. Seth had woken up early the day of to ask her parents for their permission, which was quickly granted upon seeing the ring. (Grandma Cunningham was always a very classy lady). 

Upon arriving in Austin, their first stop was Zilker Park, where Seth and Amanda had eaten Jimmy John’s sandwiches and watched Walt crash a picnic where a woman was breastfeeding her child four years earlier. Seth then led Amanda to the Zilker Nature Preserve where they both sat on a wooden bench and watched kids scream and throw rocks at each other.

When the screaming finally subsided, Seth began to tell Amanda how much he loved her and their life together. Many other things were most likely said, but it was probably hard to hear over Amanda’s squeeing after Seth got down on one knee with the ring in his hand. (Spoiler alert: Tears were also shed, but not on Amanda’s end). Fresh off the victory of a successful proposal, Seth and Amanda went to Gourdough’s Public House where they ate gourmet donuts, drank beer, and caught the ending of the huge Alabama vs. Auburn upset at the Iron Bowl. Win-win. The next day, the freshly minted fiancés waited four hours for Franklin Barbecue before driving back to Dallas to celebrate with family.